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Saturday, February 11, 2012

My Favorite Romance: Mandi Slack

I "met" Mandi when I asked her to participate in an interview after I reviewed "The Alias." Her book had some wonderful romance, and one pretty darn romantic scene that included a gun. This Wyoming girl can't help but love that. So here's a scene from Mandi's latest WIP, "Basachi Sky." (Can I say, I can't wait??) 

He nodded, then glanced past her. “Come,” he grasped her hands, and their eyes met once again. “We will walk. It is muy frio, no?” He squeezed her fingers as they walked slowly along the sidewalk. A group of skiers passed, and they stepped to the side to give them more room. He caught her eye as they moved back onto the walk. “Talon, I am staying in America. I have already completed much of the paperwork for citizenship. I am going to become an Americano, like mi familia.” Talon’s smile broadened as he led her toward a bench. He turned and grasped both her hands in his. “I have many dreams. I wish to own my own land. I want to raise cattle, horses, and chickens. I want to raise my niños in the land of promise. I can see it clearly, but in my dreams I can see no one but you by my side.”
Talon’s brow rose, and her heart skipped erratically. She held her breath and waited as he went on slowly. “I love you.” He watched her closely. “I knew I loved you the moment you came into la iglesia smelling like una mofeta pequeña.” She smiled slowly, and he touched the tip of her nose, then continued. “I have much work to do, and I will marry you as an American citizen. So—it will be long time, but, Talon, I want to ask you—will you be my wife, por favor?”
His expression sobered, and he watched her tensely. Talon’s heart beat fast, and her smile broadened. “Yes,” she answered without hesitation. “Yes,” she repeated and laughed happily. “I love you, Andrés.”
His face split into a wide smile, and he touched her cheek gently. His finger felt warm against her cold skin and the sudden warmth spread across her body, despite the frigid air. Andrés smiled softly and whispered quietly. “Tú eres mi corazón, Talon.” He cupped her cheek. “Do you know what I say?” He grinned.
Talon loved his familiar grin. She touched his face tenderly, and her heart soared when he grasped her hand and kissed her fingers. His lips lingered softly. His warm breath heated her skin. “You are my heart,” she whispered in return.
His playful grin broadened. “Muy bien.” 
He leaned in slowly. Their eyes met in wonder before he kissed her firmly. His lips explored hers for several moments before he pulled away, breathless. He held her face gently between his hands and his dark eyes bore into hers as he whispered tenderly, “You are my heart.”

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