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Saturday, February 4, 2012

My Favorite Romance: Jolene Perry

One day I asked my writing group for a critique of my Superhero novel. That's how I met Jolene Perry. She volunteered, and despite not finding enough wrong with it, I kept her on speed-email anyway. :D She's another one of those trusted voices I turn to and an amazing Romantical. She's super fun, and I'm excited to have her guest post. And I have to advise you to check out this post on the YA contemporary blog she contributes to. (Your heart will be pounding, I assure you.)

First off, I LOVE first kisses, so I snatched 250 words around the FIRST KISS scene from my book Night Sky, that comes out March first.

   “This, Sarah. You’ve known her a while?” 
           We’re facing one another. Our faces are a little too close for normal conversation and people who just met. I love it.
            “We’ve been close for a few years.”
            “But now she’s with someone else.”
            “Yep.” The stupid picture of her and Eric dancing hits me again. I wince at the memory.
            “When did that happen?”
            “What time is it?” I ask.
            “Sorry.” She leans forward in the lawn chair. Still in her panties and tiny top. (author note - they went for an impromptu swim) And I really should stop thinking about that. “This is going to be a pity kiss, but I promise that if we kiss again, it won’t be.”
            Is she kidding? I’m not sure what to say. But turns out, I don’t have to say anything. Her lips are soft on mine and warmer than me. She opens her mouth. She tastes like Cherry Pepsi and I put my hand behind her head to keep her close. Her kiss hits every part of my body, sending shocks waves of the unexpected through me.
            “Okay.” She pulls away. “You are way too good at this to be . . . how old are you?”
            “Eighteen next week.”
            She laughs.
            Am I allowed to ask her age? Probably not. But she’s older, I know this much. Now I just need to play it cool. “So, the next kiss won’t be a pity kiss?”
            “Nope.” She stands up. “And it also won’t happen tonight."

{And for good measure, Jolene recommended her favorite books for your V-day spine-tingle fix.}

A short list of my all-time favorite swoon-worthy books.

1. Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins - because I have a serious love of quirky characters, and this book is FULL of them. {Again, check out the kiss scene at this post!}
2. Juliet Immortal by Stacey Jay - because I LOVE a serious twist on an old story. And I also love books that take me by surprise.
3. The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen - because I love stories where close friends turn to more than friends.
4. Catching Jordan by Miranda Kenneally - because I loved that I did NOT see a good way out of the mess, but there was :D
5. Sing Me To Sleep by Angela Morrison - because sometimes love is totally worth having your heart broken over.
6. The Summer Series by Jenny Han - because sometimes our happily ever after just takes a while.
7. Fixing Delilah by Sarah Ockler - because I just L.O.V.E. that Patrick.

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