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Monday, February 6, 2012

My Favorite Romance: Ashleigh my Sister-in-Law

This is the girl that happens to be perfect for Brother #1. If anyone knows about real romance, she does. She happens to have an amazing husband (maybe I'm biased?? I don't think so) and the best part--she knows it. They spoil each other, and they're so cute. So of course I asked her about her favorite romance scene and she chose something awesome, as I expected she would.

It's kind of silly and atypical, but I still love it. It's from The Tale of Despereaux, pages 31-32 

"The princess smiled at Despereaux again, and this time, Despereaux smiled back. And then, something incredible happened: The mouse fell in love.

"Reader, you may ask this question; in fact you MUST ask this question: Is it ridiculous for a very small, sickly, big-eared mouse to fall in love with a beautiful human princess named Pea?

"The answer is... yes. Of course, it's ridiculous.

"Love is ridiculous. 

"But love is also wonderful. And powerful."

Okay so there it is. I love this part because after the king tells Despereaux to go away, he yells to the princess, "I honor you," and I love that phrase! Even though it's a silly story of a mouse falling in love with a princess (but fortunately, not silly enough of a story that any relationship actually comes from it), he respects her so much and tries to protect her, even though all odds are against him. I think that happens in real life, in real love--- and the sentiment that love is wonderful, powerful, and ridiculous is soooo true as well!!!

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