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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Review: Summer House Party (Timeless Regency Collection) by Regina Scott, Donna Hatch and Sarah M. Eden

This is another winner for the Timeless Romance Collection. The Regency collections are my favorite. These 3 stories are by some of the best regency writers in the business. You won’t be disappointed with this one.

“An Engagement of Convenience” by Regina Scott is such a fun romance. Katherine, or “Kitty” is the poor cousing living with her rich Uncle and Aunt, acting more as a companion and chaperone than a family member. She feels it is her duty to make sure they are all married and that there is no scandal attached to them. Enter Quentin Adair and everything changes. Her feeling for him have reawakened and he is proposing an engagement as a charade. It was fun watching this play out along with the expected mishaps and misunderstandings along with a little adventure. Very fun to read.

Donna Hatch does not disappoint with her story “A Perfect Match” which is a prequel to “A Perfect Secret” the 3rd novel in the Rogue Hearts Series. I loved reading the romance of Christian and Genevive and of course I had to go right out and purchase “A Perfect Secret”! Christian is the perfect hero (pardon the pun). He is kind, gentle and strong. He cares deeply for his family, yet feels he does not live up to their accomplishments. Genevive is also kind and loving. She is also headstrong and independent and doesn’t always think things through! This was a fun and light hearted beginning to their epic romance.

“The Paupers House Party” by Sarah M. Eden was intriguing to say the least. It is actually a double romance as there is a secondary romance in the background. I always love those. This romance tests the integrity and character of each of the players in this game. They have all been invited to a party, a contest to see who the hosts would like the have inherit their estate. Each of the contestants are poor, but there are those who are rich in spirit!  Edward and Agatha find themselves falling for each other, yet in competition with each other. It was a very fun and thoughtful romance. I really liked it.

This book is rated PG for adult themes along with some kissing (of course, it's a romance!) You could let your teenage daughters read this book, there isn't any sex, it is completely clean and has great morals and lessons in each story. If  you like this collection, be sure to read the other collections in the Timeless Regency Collection (along with any Timeless Romance Collections). 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Here's a review for "The Villian" by May Nicole Abbey

Wow. That is my first impression of this book. I knew it was a time travel romance, but I was not expecting the way it played out. I even had a hard time figuring out who was time traveling at first. This book really had me thinking about choices, too. I loved the way the author drew me in and made me want to finish this book in one sitting (I didn’t, because I didn’t have time). Ms. Abbey stays true to the time period in which the story takes place, so that makes it easy to read and know where you are in the book.

Rosemary is a great heroine who care deeply for her family and is plunged into being the mother to her two younger siblings. She has no experience in the west and was essentially a spoiled heiress. She does a great job of trying to figure out how to survive and run a cattle ranch and take care of her teenage brother and mentally challenged little sister. Nicolas is the typical bad guy turned hero. He has a heart of gold and watching him change and become the hero Rosemary wants him to be is heartwarming. This book deals a lot with choices and forgiveness and change. It has a very good lesson buried in the fun and adventure of the wild American west. I loved how Rosemary was the only one who could save him and it was her choice to make. The supporting characters where superb and well written. This book is clean and has great lessons without being preachy. Great read, you will love it.

"The Villain" is an historical time travel romance written by May Nicole Abbey. I rate this PG for some violence as the book deals with murder and violent crime. This book also deals with mental illness. Ms Abbey does a wonderful job depicting how people with mental illness were viewed by both family and community members. This book is also a romance, so there is kissing and marriage (with mention of married love and a pregnancy). If you like time travel books you will enjoy this book.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review

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