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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

So sorry, I've just been busy editing my life...

I have a few random thoughts on writing (and life) today. I was sitting on my couch thinking about something I'd said to a friend that wasn't really a big deal, but maybe wasn't the best thing to say and wished I could 'edit' it out. It doesn't seem fair that my characters don't ever say awkward things unless I mean them to. I'd actually settle for something like in Facebook, where you can delete your comments. Can you imagine going over the transcript of your day, cringing at a particular moment, and then just hitting delete? :) 

And for my second random thought. As I read through an article in the Scholastic parenting magazine they give out at my son's preschool, I noticed that one of the authors had some initials at the end of her name that I didn't recognize. We all know what M.D., Ph.D., even D.D.S. mean, but Ed.D? I actually wonder if people just throw on initials at the end of their names, just in case people don't notice and automatically consider them smarter because they have initials. So I decided I'm going to start using something like R.A.A. (really awesome author) or maybe S.F.M. (super fantastic mom). I'm actually fairly certain that will help me get published.

Love, Ranee` S. Clark, B.B.E. (best blogger ever) 

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