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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sometimes I Sew: Another Sweatshirt Make-over

I have this sweatshirt. It's comfy and I love it, but it's also bulky. I know some people like having a bulky sweatshirt around for those days. (You know which days I mean...) But I don't. I want a comfy sweatshirt that flatters me, and if I need one for those days, then I'll borrow one of my husbands.

So this sweatshirt that I love, I've worn it maybe five times -- and two of those times included going to the hospital to have my youngest two. (Yep, that bulky!) After I successfully made-over another sweatshirt, I figured I could make this one adorable too.

(1) Here's my lovely sweatshirt. For those of you who know the relationship between BYU and University of Wyoming, you understand the irony of me having one of each now. (2) Like before, I chopped off the arms again so I could control the shape of the sweatshirt. I also took off the hood. I didn't think it would hang right once I had skinnied the sweatshirt up. (3) I didn't bother with pinning this time, since I'd already made a sweatshirt that fit me. I used it for a guide, although I cut a bit more of a curve in this one. Notice how again, I didn't go all the way to the arm holes yet. I wanted to make sure they matched up. (4) The sides get all trimmed up! (If you want more detail on the next few steps, go back to this post and read about my last sweatshirt make-over. Sewed up the arms, trimmed the sides to match, sewed on the arms -- yay! They matched right again.)

Then, of course, I tried it on. After I took the last picture, I decided to deepen the neckline to give it more of a flirty feel (because I don't say sexy, it embarrasses me. ;) ) Since I'd already sewn one sweatshirt, this one took me under half-an-hour, and definitely worth it. Still comfy but now it flatters me.

...Although I definitely won't be wearing this sweatshirt next time I get pregnant. :D

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