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Monday, February 18, 2013

Storymakers or BUST!

So poor planning and poor financials last year led to no conferences for me -- except WriteOnCon, which I really liked. This year, with a 3-month-old in tow, I knew Arizona and ANWA conference was out. I've also been dying to go to LDStorymakers for a couple years now and since it's in May and in Provo, I knew this was the one. I have four siblings who live down there (and two nieces too, so big incentive for my mom to join me to watch Baby Boy) -- so somewhere to stay. AND my baby would be all grown up. You know, six-months-old instead of three. :D

Anyway, you've probably heard me blabbering about all the funness I'm going to have, like getting to go to a Jane Austen party with Sarah Eden (and I think they'll be other fun people there too...) and getting to Boot Camp-it with some truly awesome instructors. (I had a TERRIBLE time picking my top three. I went back and forth several times and had to leave some really cool people off the list. It bummed me out big time.) AAAAAND, I'm going to pitch my LDS Contemp romance!

I'm SUPER excited. And here's why you should go and why you should be really excited too. Even if you don't write (wait for it ...) Anne Perry will be giving a keynote speech (and you can buy tickets just for that!) ANNE PERRY people. I told my mom, who's a big fan of hers, that if she'd go with me to babysit Baby Boy, I'd get one of her MILLION Anne Perry books signed. ;)

So you should all be going. There's some really great classes. (It's going to be SO HARD to choose, but I'm really looking forward to Annette Lyon's class on self-editing! I know I'm going to learn A LOT.)

If you can't tell by all the ALL CAPS in this post, I'm excited and this is an awesome conference. So go. Do. It. You'll be happy you did.

Sign up here!

1 comment:

  1. The best part about this is that you're coming here!!! Please tell me you're staying in Spanish Fork. Please, please, please!!!


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