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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sometimes I Sew: Sewing Saturday

I once got some advice about not making your writer's blog ALL about writing, so here's something else creative I dabble in. It sure helps to step away from a manuscript.

The urge to sew -- or rather "upcycle" -- has been coming on strong for a while. I thought today would be a good day. My first project, of course, came from Pinterest. I seriously love that site. When it comes to clothes and outfits, I'm not super creative and there's so many fun ideas on there.
DIY shirt

So I was like, "I can totally make that, no problem." And I did. It ended up being tedious, but not hard. And I really like the way it ended up. I'm also pretty sure it will be even awesomer when I wash it.
In an outfit!
Sorry, blurry pictures -- and, uh, dirty mirror. :D

So then, I was on a roll! A while back I bought two XL men's sweatshirts with big plans. I still have plans for the other one, but today I thought I'd use one and make a cute, long, fitted sweatshirt. You're in luck. I documented my journey for this one. :D

(1) One of the great things about remaking shirts is not having to sew sleeves, but I knew I wouldn't get the shape I wanted unless I cut these off and put them back on. (2) I cut off the excess on the sides, but only went to the bottom of where the original sleeve connected so when I trimmed to reattach the sleeves I would have room to work. (3) Then I took in the sleeves. I made them pretty form fitting. (4) After I took them in, I matched up the sleeve to the sweatshirt and cut the arm hole. (5) Pinning it together! Luckily I cut the arm hole almost perfectly and it matched so awesomely. Piece of cake. (6) The finished product.

Well, and then of course I slapped a felt "Y" on there, because what good is a sweatshirt unless it cheers for your team -- and I'm True Blue. Or white ... in this case. :)

Hopefully I will have time tonight to do one more easy-peasy project. On days when I'm successful, like today, I love this sewing thing.

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  1. I love seeing a sewing post up! Sewing and quilting are some of my other loves besides writing and reading and it's fun to see that other writers have interests outside of the writing world too. I usually sew from "scratch" but I've been wanting to try some up cycling projects and I have a pile of things to use. Your t-shirt especially is an idea I'll have to give a try this year!

  2. Cute. I can't believe you're doing projects!! When do you sleep?


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