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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sometimes Saturday: 30 Day Closet Challenge, Week 1

My Saturday "Sometimes" post is a day late. Sorry, I was watching basketball all weekend. Today's is different. It's not baking or sewing ... it's about my wardrobe, which is why I had to name this post "Sometimes Saturday" and not "Sometimes I ... Get Dressed." That just sounded wrong. 

So let me explain. I have this closet packed full of clothes and, I kid you not, I wear maybe 10% of them. I do this thing where I cycle through my favorite three or four outfits/shirts and then I buy something new. Bad, Ranee. Bad. So I challenged myself. For thirty days I would wear something new from my closet. Maybe something I hadn't worn in months, and in some cases, years.

I'm not holding myself to too strict a standard. Because, I mean, cardigans. (If you don't know me personally, you might not be aware that I have a slight addiction to them.) But I took pictures, okay!

so perfectly cuteFirst off, I have like no clothing creativity. I love to buy stuff, but putting all my stuff together? Aaack. That's why I love pinterest. Monday's outfit, inspired by this pin.

Run down: Top, Gray, from Walmart. (My one saving grace with all my clothes is that I bought most of my shirts on clearance racks in some place or another and rarely paid over $10.) I think this shirt was $3.
Black checked scarf, Walmart.
Belt, Walmart. (I'm sensing a pattern...)
Pants, Old Navy trouser jeans, also on sale. $21

So Tuesday's outfit comes with a shirt makeover. I bought the shirt below from Maurices, probably seven years ago and for the last five years, at least, it has sat, forlorn, in my closet. (I almost never give clothes away. Whenever I do, I think, Man, I should have kept that shirt.)

I'm in love with ruffles, and I figured this shirt definitely had some spunk left in it. It has a pretty, pale pink pattern and is soft and lightweight. So I lopped off the sleeves to create the ruffles on the front and then chopped the top of the collar off -- because I'm not wild about collars. I love the idea, but in execution, on me, not so much. This was the result:

Loved it. This is the outfit it got worn in:

Cardigan - Bella Bird, Walmart. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it.
Shirt - Made-over ruffle top.
Tank - Lace tank in rose pink from Down East Basics.
Bottoms - Maurices wide-leg jeans, bought off ebay.
Skinny belt - Walmart

Wednesday I spent all day in my pajamas, cleaning and doing odds and ends. No picture. :) Thursday's outfit. -->
Cardigan - Old Navy boyfriend cardigan, white
Shirt - Pleated Henley, Walmart, Blue
Lace Cap Sleeve, white, Down East Basics
Bottoms - Old Navy Trouser jeans

Friday! (Left) Me showing off my Bulldog pride to go watch my little brother-in-law and my sister play basketball.
Team t-shirt made-over to fit more femininely. (A while ago!)
Cardigan - Old Navy basic cardigan, blue
Layer - Bella Band, bought when I was pregnant. Best buy ever! It was perfect for extending my wardrobe, and now it's great for layering -- and covering my back when I'm nursing. Love it.
Jeans - Mossimo boot cut jeans from Target.

Saturday (Right) - More Bulldog gear! I designed the T-shirt and used a Groupon to get them for me and my family from Vista Print. Woot! Go Bulldogs!
Undershirt - Black long sleeve from Down East Basics
Bella Band
Jeans - Maurices wide-leg jeans.

Top - White long sleeve from Down East Basics
Vest - Brown from Maurices
Chevron maxi skirt from Walmart. ($12! Who can resist that?!?) - It's SO comfy. And when I got home I ditched the pretties on top and put on a T-shirt my brother made me a while back for a braves game and have been lounging in that all day. I can't wait to pair this with flip-flops and t-shirts this summer. I'm going to be cool in so many ways. ;)

That's all for this week. Come back next week and see what I come up with. :) (Or what Pinterest comes up with ...)


  1. I need to look for some "style" on pinterest too these outfits are so cute. I have so many clothes i haven't worn in months too. Maybe I will just set them all out and come over and you can help me redesign my wardrobe!

    1. Crystal, that cracks me up coming from you! I always LOVE what you're wearing!

  2. AAK! That ruffle shirt! Lovelovelove!! Very pirate. I wish I knew how to do the thing you did - always meant to learn to sew better, but my job is pretty much full time now so I can't make my own stuff anymore. :(

    1. Kris, it was super super easy. Just sewed right up the middle and gathered every so slightly. But I can understand not having time for stuff anymore. I swear, where do all the hours in the day go?


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