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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Review: THE GRAND SOPHY by Georgette Heyer

Let me just start with this:
"Sir!" said Lord Bromford, with as much dignity as could be expected of a man with both feet in a mustard-bath. "You shall answer to me for those words!"
THAT ladies and gentleman is the genius of Georgette Heyer. I love her.
I love her.
And now I will review.

Back matter: "The Grand Sophy has arrived . . . And when Sir Horace Stanton-Lacy is ordered to South America on Diplomatic Business he parks his only daughter, Sophy, with his sister in Berkeley Square. Sophy can immediately see that her cousins are in a sad tangle: Charles is engaged to a bluestocking, and Cecelia's in love with a poet of all things. It seems Sophy has gotten there just in time . . .
And the Hon. Charles Rivenhall's life will never be the same . . . While Sophy is going to outrageous lengths to solve everyone else's problems, she finds that she herself might have some big surprises in store.

Audience: Adult

The Rating: *****

The Good: This is, by far and away, my very favorite Gerogette Heyer book to date, hands down. It says on the back that "The Grand Sophy is one of Heyer's most beloved heroines," and it is SO TRUE. I adored Sophy. She was so fantastically outrageous. The final scene was so out there, yet so believable because it was Sophy! G.H. created this character that was so in character, I didn't doubt anything she did. Does that make sense to you? The hero was very grumpy and still awesome. I despised -- DESPISED like I never have before -- the antagonist, Miss Wraxton.

The Bad: Miss Wraxton didn't get enough come-uppance in my opinion. And that is all. Actually, there is nothing bad about this book.

He said/She Said: SPOILER AHEAD -- "...What if it should begin to rain again? I shall be drenched!"
"Then you will be well-served!" retorted her unchivalrous cousin.
"Charles!" uttered Sophy, shocked. "You cannot love me!"
Mr. Rivenahll pulled the door behind them, and in very rough fashion jerked her in his arms, and kissed her. "I don't: I dislike you excessively!"


The Recommendation: If you like Regency romance, than this is a MUST read. If you like books, this is a must read. :D

Disclaimer: Nothing. 


  1. I love this book! It was the first Georgette Heyer book I read and made me a lifelong fan.

  2. Hi Ranee! I am a big Georgette Heyer fan too. Great review! I have an online petition to try to get a film made of one of Heyer's books. ANY of Heyer's books!

    Would you be interested in adding your name?


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