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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Review: BOY SWAP by Kristina Springer (November 2013)

From AmazonBoy Swap: The secret to sisterly love and scholarly bliss. 

Research shows that seven out of ten girl fights are over a guy. The Boy Swap Club fixes all that. In an effort to spread around male cuteness and minimize fights and backstabbing, they just share boyfriends. And Brooke Thomas, consummate band member, has been asked to join the super secret club because the president of the club has the hots for her guy. 

Brooke doesn't want to share her boyfriend. I mean, who does? But how can she say no? She, a second chair flutist in the school band, finds herself sitting between the Varsity Cheerleader Captain and the Homecoming Queen at the first meeting. Her friends will never believe this in a million years. Too bad she can’t tell them. But she knows. This one event can change her entire life. What if she becomes actual friends with one of these girls? It might be worth sharing her boyfriend. 

Besides, he'll always love her best, right? 

Audience: YA
Genre: Contemporary YA, Romance
Length: 119 pgs

Rating:  *** (I like it)

Review: So, this is a personal thing, but I actually rated this one down because of the language in it. That's totally me and my opinion, obviously. This book was well written and pretty cute. It was a quick read, only took me about two days, and a hilarious look at boyfriends and high school. The voice is fun and I liked the friendships and relationships. Just a couple of what I've been calling "twitches" lately. There are some things that are not so believable. The teens in the book use email and IM a lot, which struck me as odd. Most of the teenagers I know (little sister and cousins) almost exclusively use text and Facebook. (And Instagram as I've been told is the "in" thing right now...) Also, in the end it seemed like everything got tied up too nicely and Brooke doesn't get any blowback for any of her poor choices through the book, although I still dig the way it ended. I needed a resolution between the two boys in the book, especially with the boy she ends up with instead of just the magically happily ever after of them ending up together. Still, fun and worth it.

Sex - 3/5 (While there are no sex scenes, things get steamy between Brooke and her boyfriend, and there is a lot of talk about sex and boobs and bodies.)
Violence - 0/5
Language - 4/5 (Not because of pervasiveness, but because of the language used. God is used in vain repeatedly, which just bugs me a lot personally. Jesus is also used in vain twice. Several uses of H and a 1(?) use of A)
Overall Rating - PG16

Source: Bought via Amazon for Kindle.

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1 comment:

  1. Those two language issues bug me a lot too. The book premise sounds really interesting, I admit. Hmmm... to read or not to read...


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