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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Guest Review: THE WRONG WOMAN by Kimberly Truesdale (Toast and Tea Publications, 2013)

Guest Review from Robyn Savage. Follow Robyn on Twitter @birdmom8

From AmazonTen years ago, wealthy and handsome Miles Shepherd, Baron of Revere laughed clumsy and plump Isobel Masters out of any marriage prospects. Now, at the age of 29, Isobel is launching her beautiful younger sister, Cat, into society, and Miles is the first in line to court her.

Though Isobel tries to protest against the man who has caused her so much pain, she knows his fortune and rank will make a good match for her sister. So she resigns herself unhappily to her duties as chaperone. As they spend time together, though, both Isobel and Miles are drawn to each other in a way neither anticipates.

Only hours after Miles finally realizes he's courting the wrong woman, Isobel is kidnapped. Battling his guilt and memories of his own devastating past, Miles must pray that Isobel will survive so he can tell her that he loves her and that sometimes the woman who seems to be all wrong turns out to be just right.

Audience: Adult
Genre: Regency Romance, Historical
Length: 166 pgs

Rating: **** (Love it)

Review: This book started out typically, and I thought I had it figured out in the first chapter. I was also a little bit skeptical of the story line, with the heroine being considered "chubby" . As it turned out, the author did a good job of not making her appearance the whole story. Miles made a good transformation from self-centered to finding out that the outward appearance is not as important as the kind of person we are inside.

I was drawn to Isabel because I think every woman has insecurities about ourselves. The author did a great job of delving into the minds and hearts of the characters. I wasn't disappointed and the characters were real. You will laugh and enjoy the growth of the characters. I especially liked the realness of Miles, his weaknesses as well as his strengths.

There was some mild sensuality, where Miles voices his thoughts about Isabel and the one passionate kiss. Some violence during the kidnapping and a man is killed. Overall, a good afternoon read.

Sex - 1/5
Language - 1/5
Violence - 2/5
Overall Rating - PG

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