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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Variety Guest Post: Introducing the "Sweet Peas in a Writer Podcast"

In an effort to mix and mingle in a rather personal way with their readers, author Theresa Sneed and author Betsy Love are spearheading a new and exciting writer podcast called, Sweet Peas in a Writer Podcast, which airs April 4, 2012 at 5:00 pm, with new podcasts following every Wednesday. Theresa and Betsy will have recorded a month of podcasts before the first one airs and are covering topics such as brainstorming for book ideas, the writing process, and not waiting—but making time to write. Their intention is to take their readers from the beginning of finding ideas, creating captivating storylines, and the importance of revising and editing, all the way through publishing and marketing their work. Each podcast is around fifteen minutes in length and comes with a writing tip and a writing challenge for the week. The third Wednesday of each month is a live podcast with a variety of guests like,  Linda Mulleneaux, editor for Walnut Springs;  Marsha Ward, author, and creator of ANWA; author, Amanda Sowards; and Lisa Mangum, author, and editor at Deseret Book, among others. All podcasts will be transcribed and posted along with the links for each podcast at sweetpeasinawriterpodcast.blogspot.com.

Theresa Sneed is the author of No Angel, the story of an angel with an attitude. The prequel to No Angel is called From Heaven to Earth and is due to go to press this April. For more information about Theresa and her books, visit www.theresasneed.com

Betsy Love is the author of Identity, an intriguing mystery where a tropical vacation turns deadly when the traveling companions of two similar looking women cross paths. Her second book, a Book of Mormon novel called Soul Fire, about a young woman who must stand for truth and righteousness even at the peril of her life is going to press this week. For more information about Betsy and her books, visit http://betsyloveldsauthor.blogspot.com


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