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Monday, November 21, 2011

I Quit

Doesn't that sound awful? It feels a little bit awful. For the first time in a couple years, I'm not going to finish NaNo WriMo. You've all known that I've struggled with my novel this year, which honestly took me by surprise. I had an excellent outline. I was excited about the story. I have great characters, a fun plot line. But I finished at 15k. I was able to go back and develop some relationships more and add a few more scenes. I got about seven thousand more words than I imagined a week ago.

But I've come to the end. At this point, I feel like anything I add will be filler. So I'm making the decision, as a writer, to put it aside until I can honestly fill in the holes where I see them.
That's not the biggest reason I'm choosing to leave "High School Revolution" behind for now. I want to do a homemade Christmas for my two little boys. That will involve a lot of time. It's something I care more about than NaNo right now, so it doesn't make sense to me to keep frustrating myself (something I happily do every other year!) with the story when there's other things I want to do.
I'm still going to try and reach a goal of writing 50k new words in November, but working on finishing a couple other drafts I've worked on over the last year.
I know that if I wanted to work at it painstakingly I could finish those last words in some creative way. Plain and simple, I just don't want to. I like HSR too much to ruin it. ;)
 I still wish you all luck! Next year's going to rock.


  1. Dude, don't sweat it. I'm suddenly worrying that my idea (which I loved in late October) is more of a short story idea. We'll see if I get some new inspiration or not. It happens to us all.

  2. Yes, definitely don't sweat it. It happens. I've been spending a lot of my time lately trying to convince myself that I don't really want to cut a good 20,000 words from my NaNo novel because I already know they're just not good enough. I'm trying to hang on until December.

  3. Thanks guys! Keep your chins up!

  4. I'm sorry! Try not to stress though. It happens :)


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