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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Girls in Trees

My aunt Melin posted this picture on Facebook:

And I definitely smiled and loved it. It reminded me of a night that involved dramatic Ranee lying on her bed and crying because the boy she liked {Very Much} for a few years had made out with another girl -- I think she might have even been a cheerleader. (I make no judgments there. My best friends were cheerleaders ;) My mom, who was the awesome mom/best friend that talked me through all those dramatic moments, promised me it'd be okay; that someday I'd find a boy ((and maybe it would even be this boy, just grown up a little ... :D)) I'd love very much. And Mom's promises meant a lot to me. I really did believe her, and tried hard to look past that moment and how little it made me feel.
My dad, who stayed very far away when tears showed up -- bless his heart -- told me later something that has stayed with me for all those intervening years.
* that the boys in high school might like the cheerleaders now, but when it came time for them to get married, popularity wouldn't matter anymore. They'd choose a girl who made a good wife and mother.
So, not to sound confident or anything, but that tidbit might sound weird coming from me. I wasn't unpopular in high school. I dated and really enjoyed high school. I had good friends {girls & guys} who made those four years really fun. But those words just reminded me that there's nothing wrong with not being chosen by that guy. Because, honestly if there was one thing I would go back and give myself it would be confident in who I am.

And because I also know/am-related-to some pretty awesome guys, I know that this is true too:
 I'll always be grateful for the brave girls who married my brothers and gave me three new sisters. :)

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