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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Whitney Finalist Review: TOMORROW WE SPY by Jordan McCollum (Mystery/Suspense)

I am SO excited for Jordan. She earned two nominations, one in the Mystery/Suspense category for Tomorrow We Spy and one in the romance category! I love, LOVE this books. I always associate this series with moving to Alaska, because I, Spy was the first book I read after getting here. There was a power outage for a day and a half, and I curled up and read books--including I, Spy. Yay, Jordan! Congrats!

Jordan and I last summer when she and her husband visited Alaska.
This post was originally published December 16, 2014

From JordanMcCollum.com: CIA operative Talia Reynolds (Fluker) is off the clock, off the continent and off on her Paris honeymoon. But the happy couple’s trip to the City of Love is cut short when the CIA tracks them down for a top secret mission. Only this time, the Agency’s assignment isn’t for Talia — it’s for her husband Danny.
As an aerospace engineer, Danny’s the one with the connections they need to get to their target, an aerospace executive and a dangerous Russian FSB officer. After all she’s done to protect Danny from her spy life, Talia won’t okay the op until she’s allowed to accompany her husband. And the only safe way for her to do that? Deep undercover.
Balancing her personal and professional personas requires more precision than a Russian ballet. But all the covers in the world can’t protect Danny and Talia when the FSB officer turns the tables on them. Now Talia must use her every skill to save her marriage, her husband and herself — or their first mission together will be their last.
Audience: Adult (Clean)
Genre: Romantic Thriller
Length: 295 pgs
Rating: 5 (I really loved it)
Review: Danny and Talia are married! Yay. I so much enjoyed getting to see more of Danny and how he fights for him and Talia. She can be frustrating, in a good way, and I like seeing Danny stepping out and setting her straight. :) I loved going back to where Talia served her mission and getting immersed in Russia. Tons of great action in this one, and like all the others, I read it FAST.
Sex - 1 (The book opens on their honeymoon, and the wedding night is mentioned, but so cleanly. Really.)
Language - 0
Violence - 1 (Spy book. Action book. Nothing graphic)
Rating - PG

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