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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Review: DONE & DONE: The Power of Accountability Partnering for Reaching Your Goals by Annette Lyon & Luisa Perkins

From AmazonIn today’s fast-paced world, millions are busy and stressed out, and they find accomplishing their goals to be a struggle, no matter how many to-do lists and motivational posters they create. The solution is simple. By finding and working with a solid accountability partner, you’ll get the support and structure you need to dramatically increase your productivity and keep you motivated. In this practical, conversational book, you’ll learn how best to create your daily to-do list, how to trick yourself into getting work done, how to fight Resistance, and how to make the most of your own cheering section. Annette Lyon and Luisa Perkins draw on their years of experience as successful accountability partners, laying out their best strategies for reaching your goals while reducing your stress and actually enjoying your life again!

Audience: Everyone!
Genre: Self-Help
Length: 61 pgs

Rating: *****

Review: I really can't recommend this book enough. In the weeks since I've read it and teamed up with a fellow author, I've been pretty productive--and I really am not reaching my full potential on this. I have a Daily Chore Checklist that I was doing okay with, but since starting this accountability thing, I've only missed one or two regular days of completing the ENTIRE THING. As well as awesome writing goals being reached. It's short and sweet, and has a bunch of ideas for how to set up one with someone you trust. Melanie and I don't do all the things from the book, but that's the beauty of it. It sets up an way for you to customize your partnership to what you and your partner need. Thought it's written for writers, the authors talk about how they've used it in many other areas, and it a great guide for anyone looking to set and reach realistic goals from day-to-day and even long term. And for $0.99, can you afford to turn it down?

Source: Bought via Amazon

Try this. If you want another simple guide, try Annette Lyon's THERE, THEIR, THEY'RE: A NO TEARS GUIDE TO GRAMMAR FROM THE WORD NERD

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