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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Review: THERE, THEIR, THEY'RE: A No-Tears Guide to Grammar From The Word Nerd by Annette Lyon

One of the best classes I went to while at LDStorymakers Conference 2013 was Annette Lyon's Master Class on Grammar. I kid you not, her advice made THE GAME PLAN so much better. For instance, one thing she suggested was to take a mid-level look at your novel and check scene by scene by 1) Coming up with a one-sentence description of the scene (If you can't do that, too much is happening), 2) Asking if there's action in the scene, and 3) identifying the conflict. By doing number three for every scene, I came to realize that the conflict in a majority of the scenes was the same, and I ended up adding a major sub-plot and nearly 22k words.

Annette just published the 2nd edition of her grammar guide and put the word out there on Twitter that she was looking for reviewers. Guess who's hand shot into the air? Yep, mine. (Figuritively and literally--and you will understand the difference after you've read it too.)

Audience: Adult (Fiction Writers)
Genre: Writing, Writing Advice, Grammar
Length: 158 pgs.

Rating: ***** (Really Liked It)

Review: The book was everything I expected it to be. Although I did already know many of the rules in the guide, it did exactly as it claimed to: presented them in an understandable way for the average person. I even learned a few things! Annette also presents it in a fun way as well, making a stuffy grammar book lighthearted. It's a quick read, and thanks to the sections, you can use it as a quick-reference guide while writing. I know I'll be using it to double check things I'm not sure about. My favorite advice from the book about why grammar and style are important? "You want the writing to be invisible and your ideas to take center stage." So. True. I think I could write a whole blog post on why that's important. I think I probably already have. The best thing is, this book is only $3.99 for Kindle. You now have no excuse not to go out and buy it.

Source: I was given a copy of this book by the author in exchange for my honest review. 

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Buy There, Their, They're: A No-Tears Guide on Amazon.

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