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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Pub Panel: Part 6, Wrapping It Up

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Finally, we talked about what each author felt were the strengths of their chosen publication path . . .

Ranee`: Okay and finally just to wrap things up: What do you feel are the strengths of your chosen path(s) to publication?
Jennifer Griffith: Okay. Well, I like finding a small publisher because, like I said, I like to have those personal relationships that come with being part of a small publishing house. I like to know the executive editor by name and become friends and have that tie. It’s very nice. For me, most likely, writing is never going to be a career per se. It will always have to be a hobby. I’m a stay at home mom and that takes up the vast majority of my time. Therefore, my goal is to find a way to make my hobby be the most pleasant and happy experience it can be. I don’t want my hobby to turn into a stressor. It’s got to be fun and positive or else I’ll have to take up embroidery again. And nobody wants that. I also love that the timeline has been so quick. Nine months might not seem fast to someone outside publishing, but I’ve talked to people who are on the docket for 2015 already. This is fast! I love that sorta immediate gratification. The people have been so fun and cool and I’m really feeling happy I’ve found them. I hope my book makes them some money and doesn’t end up breaking their bank!

Jolene Perry: I'm everywhere, so I'm not sure. I will say that there's a side of me that just loves the freedom of self-publishing, but . . .  I think that I'm definitely going to be pushing hard to be published big. That's what I'm working toward. Next year both of my kids will be in school full time, and I'm going to USE it.
Krista: Oh yeah, Covenant got my book reviewed in Deseret News and on Meridian Magazine. That was scary. :D
Sherry Gammon: FREEDOM! I get to decide what I want on my cover, how it is marketed, and how long it is. I don’t have to commit any future books to a publisher. I have a friend that Trad. Pub and now they have the right to look over her next work first and decided if they want it. She HATES the publisher, but she is stuck! I have been very blessed with Unlovable. An Indie movie maker read it and wants to make a movie out of it. We talked about it for about 3 weeks, we signed the contract, and now she is writing the screenplay with MY input. I have another friend who sold her book to a publisher, a movie producer wants to make a movie out of it, and it has been in negotiations for over six months and all she has seen is a bill from her lawyer. [Self-publishing] is on MY time table.
Jennifer Griffith: Interesting, Sherry. Good points.
Jolene Perry: Sherry - I'm SO with you. I'm sort of down on small presses right now. If you can do it all on your own, do it. It's SO fun to self-publish, it really is. I think you end up with more money in the end and less headache in the middle.
Krista: I don't have time or know-how to do all that self-publishing would require of me. I really admire those that go for it. I'm very happy to be in the hands of Covenant, and hope to one day be in the hands of an agent/national publisher as well.
Jolene Perry: I'll deal with the headache if someone BIG wants to take me, lol. But I have friends who publish in the big six, and they still have weird communication and editing issues, so nothing is perfect - it's a matter of what you want for your books at this time. Or, yanno, in three years because if you go big, that's when your book will come out, lol
Ranee`: So, just in case anyone has to take off, I just want to thank you all SO much for being willing to participate and answer questions. You all have given me a ton of insight and I'm sure it will help a lot of others as well.
Jolene Perry: Thanks Ranee!! I'll be in touch - I have your MS, lol. Off to watch a movie with the kiddo who is B.O. R. E. D.
Krista: This was so fun! It was great getting to know you all better!
Sherry Gammon: Nice to meet everyone! Good luck to all
Jennifer Griffith: Gotta dash! The kids need me to crack the whip--make that piano practice happen.
Thanks, Ranee!
Good luck to all of you!
Krista: Thank you!

A big round of applause and thank you, thank you to the wonderful ladies who were nice enough to spend a couple hours chatting with me about their experiences. You guys rock!


  1. Thanks for the invite Ranee!! Learned a lot.

    1. It was good to have your expertise, Sherry. Thanks to you too!


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