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Monday, May 28, 2012

Pub Panel: Part 5, Marketing

Read the first four parts here.

The panel discusses what's clearly a favorite topic . . . Marketing!

Ranee`: Okay, Marketing!
Jolene Perry: Ugh. Marketing.
Krista: Do we have to?
Jolene Perry: It's like looking for a job over and over and over and over
Ranee`: Hahahaha. When I talk about different pub methods with people, this is the topic that comes up most often.
What tactics were used to put word out before your publication, both by you and then by your publisher?

Jennifer Griffith: The publicist gives me regular emails, usually every Monday, evaluating my efforts at social networking and giving me suggestions of ways to improve my shameless self-promotion (a painful reality in today’s publishing world.) None of it has been too horrible; mostly Facebook, making a website and blog for myself (and posting often), setting up an Amazon author site and a Goodreads author site. That kind of thing.
Their efforts at promoting my book are going to be good, I believe. They’ve mailed it out to reviewers. (Feeling pretty nervous and sick about that.) They’ll do a book launch party, as well as an author luncheon. They’ve said they have plans to line up book signings (one is already set), as well as producing a book trailer (the one they did for a different book looks really high quality, so I’m excited to see what they come up with.)
They FB about it regularly and have done a ton of press releases. That's a benefit to being one of their early books.
Krista: Getting my book in the DB, Seagull catalogs was huge. My sales totally picked up then. Sarah Eden invited me to do our launch together and after she picked me up off the floor I think I kissed her.
Ranee`: Krista, LOL!! I ADORE Sarah, she is so awesome!!
Jennifer Griffith: Sarah is amazing.
Krista: My son, after much begging, made an awesome book trailer for me, and I will use him again and again. That was really fun.
Jolene Perry: CFI put my book on NetGalley - if I'd known they were going to try to tap into the national market (I was TOTALLY naive) I would have changed a few things in my book. But I was on a lot of blogs. Gave away a lot of copies. I think I did 60 guest posts for Night Sky. EXHAUSTING work. I wanted to do a book launch, but no bookstores up here. Hopefully for my next.
My book sold because it was in stores and had a good cover. That's how simple it was. I've worked my butt off for Night Sky and Knee Deep and the numbers are low.
Krista: My books were in Walmart for a time and that was totally unexpected.
Jennifer Griffith: I buy books from bookstores based on their covers.
So true, Jolene.
Including Walmart, Krista.
Jolene Perry: My books were in Walmart in UT and at a few grocery stores - a few friends took pics which was awesome, because I don't know if I'll never get to see NDB in bookstores
Sherry Gammon: Book Bloggers. I discovered them by accident when one read mine and gave it rave reviews on her site. I contacted others, offered to do interviews and giveaways. I also made a book trailer . . . THAT was fun! I have it in a few independent book stores too
Jennifer Griffith: It's sick how many books I buy.
Jolene Perry: I will second Jen. I'm wearing one of three pairs of jeans that I own (and they're falling apart) because when I have money, I buy books.
Krista: I used Facebook like crazy and connected to Twitter. I really just tried to be real and not push too hard and just received a lot of support. My book signings in Utah were so-so, but the one here in Wyoming and at my hometown in WA were sell-outs.
That was really fun. :)

Ranee`: Okay, for mostly Sherry and Jo--As self-pubbed authors, what tools did you use to get your book out there, and if you're comfortable talking about it, what were the costs involved.
Jolene Perry: I spent 20 bucks on the photo for the cover. Twenty-four bucks ordering proofs, and that's IT.
Sherry Gammon: Book Bloggers are my bread and butter. I’ve given away about 30 paperback books. I ordered 1000 bookmarks at $25, and gave away 50 ebooks (no cost to me) I’ve spent around $200-$250.
Jolene Perry: Our book came out like three weeks ago, and just a week ago in paperback. I know there will be more costs as we use books as giveaways.
Sherry Gammon: Postage and cost of the giveaway books
Krista: I ran a bunch of giveaways and of course, the chocolate tie-in is pretty great.
Jolene Perry: Ugh. Postage.
Jolene Perry: I do giveaways on my contemporary YA book blog a LOT and the postage KILLS me.
Jolene Perry: BUT - I figure every YA book I buy is a business expense, so there's perks, too. Jennifer Griffith: Can I say I HATE going to the post office to mail out books? I just do.
Jolene Perry: I hate it, too. Our TINY post office services WAY too many people.
Ranee`: Me, too. I always give away ebooks if I can.
Sherry Gammon: I mostly giveaway ebooks . . . no cost to me!
Jennifer Griffith: Looking forward to having an ebook to do as a giveaway for that reason alone. (Lazy.)
Jolene Perry: Ebooks are easy giveaways, but way more people enter for a paperback. Hard to weigh the cost/benefit thing there
Jennifer Griffith: But I love going to the mailbox and finding books inside. Hmmm.
Sherry Gammon: Not for me. I have offered paperback and gotten requests for ebooks.

Up Next: Wrapping things up. The panel tells us about the things they like best.

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