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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sweet Saturday Samples: Another Excerpt from "My Best Friend is a Superhero"

One of my FAVE scenes, from Chapter 10
The doorbell rang at exactly six, but I stayed in front of my mirror. No time to change again. I settled for giving myself a lecture. “It’s a study date, Bek. You’re fine if he just wants to be your friend. It’s just studying.”

Adam was sitting in his usual chair at the dining room table when I came in. He waved a paper at me. “I got a copy of the test for you to practice on. Mr. Williams won’t put the same problems and questions on it, but the retest will have the same information.” He held out his other hand, revealing a plain white sack. “And I brought dinner. Orange chicken and fried rice. Plus I stopped and got those breadsticks you love.”
I grinned. He really wanted forgiven. “Thanks.” I dropped into the chair next to him. “Can you study and eat at the same time?”
“I think I can manage.” He jumped out of his chair to grab plates for us while I spread out our notes.
We didn’t call it quits until almost ten o’clock. It amazed me how fast the hours flew by. We interacted easily. My nerves disappeared. I almost forgot I liked him. I felt a million times better about my test. Probably because I wasn’t angry at Adam anymore.
I pushed my notebook away, smiling. “I’m feeling a definite ‘A’ tomorrow.”
“Hopefully that will make up for my despicable behavior.” Adam still sounded guilty. I wondered how long it’d take to wear off.
I leaned forward and caught a whiff of his cologne. The fact that I recognized the smell so quickly both startled and soothed me. “I’m sure I overreacted,” I said, embarrassed about my tantrum the night before.
 It took me a moment to realize I’d rested my hand on his knee. I froze and stared at it. My hand seemed to ignite. The blood rushed up my arm, to my heart, spreading and warming me. It rose into my face, burning it with embarrassment. Everything about me seemed to center on that moment. Could he feel the warmth? I finally started to drag my fingers backward, reluctant to lose contact with the electric, but blissful feeling.
Adam curled his fingers over my hand. My gaze jerked up. He stared at our hands, almost transfixed, like he never noticed how nicely my fingers fit inside his. How good it would feel to pull my hand inside his and hold it…
Okay, maybe that’s what I was thinking.
His gaze rose to meet mine. The stillness in the quiet house intensified. Everything seemed to disappear, leaving Adam and I alone. Did every girl get lost in Adam like this? Did he make their heart pound and burn, but love every second of it? When would I wake up and realize I dreamed it all up?
His eyes seemed to smile. Almost like he’d waited for this moment. Could that be true? The burning that started in my hand took over. He leaned closer. I saw so clearly the sharp edge of his jawbone, smooth, tanned.  I couldn’t resist reaching up to run my fingers along it. His lips brushed across mine, like the prelude to something amazing. I closed my eyes. My heart stalled. I stopped breathing. My entire world froze in that moment.

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  1. very nice - good descriptions. Teen boys can eat and do something else - that's what they call multitasking

  2. Love this sample especially the opening when she was so worried about how she looked


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