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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

How Do You Outline?

If any of you are friends with me on Facebook, you know that I'm much too excited about Nano Wrimo much too early! But that's beside the point. Since I already have an idea I'm really excited about (you can read about that if you want at my new history blog writeplushistory.blogspot.com) I thought I might as well start my outline.
Well, long story short, I'm actually a "pantser." (by the seat of the pants writer!) My outlines are usually at most 8-10 bulleted points. I find though, that with the pressure of NaNo WriMo, I might appreciate a better thought out outline. So my question is: what outlining methods do you guys use and why do you like them?


  1. I already have three pages of bullet points for a short story romance, (it can't be any longer than 85 pages) and from there I have started filling in a few scenes with dialog that spring into my mind that I didn't want to forget, and this is all before I have the opening paragraph. Bullet points are great. They help me remember what I want in the story but not restrict me to a certain order, if you know what I mean. Mostly, I write by instinct, or as you say "panster." It's the combination that works for me. No restrictive outline to stay within.

  2. Ask me someday to send you my outline for Blood Moon. It's 14 pages long! Well, about two pages are just notes that I end up deleting after I've gone through them, but still... LOL I'm a chronic organizer (but why is my house so messy?), and I need all those details and planning or else I feel very lost!


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