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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Free Reviews and the inaugural (kinda) post: "The Guise of a Gentleman" by Donna Hatch

Every time I drive to Walmart I pass a church with a sign that says, "Evangelical Free Church." Until I asked my friends on facebook what they thought it meant, I always thought to myself, "Free...does it mean the church is free of Evangelicals? Is it free to go to church there? Are the people that attend the church free, as in not slaves...?" The mental ramblings went on for hours. What does this have to do with my post? The title. I don't want you to mentally ramble over it for hours. It doesn't mean I'm going to make you start paying for my book reviews....Okay, only if I get really famous.

What I mean is that there are lots of free books out there--in the form of ebooks for Kindle (which has apps for a lot of devices like iPhone, iPads, iPods, and Droids), and from sites like Smashwords. (And if you don't have a cool phone or device to use Kindle or whatever, don't worry. You can get Kindle applications for your computer.)
And while there are LOTS of free ebooks, not all of them are worth your time. That's where I come in. I'll read them, review them, and let you know if you should read it. SO without further adieu, the first Free Review--well, kind of.

Today I'm reviewing "The Guise of a Gentleman" by Donna Hatch, which was free for me because I won it in a contest. ;)
Elise Berkley enjoys her quiet widowhood in the English countryside; that is, until Jared Amesbury comes along and forcibly shows her what she's been missing.
I have to admit it started out a little slow and took me a few chapters to really get into it. Once I did, though, I didn't put it down for several hours, and only because my husband pried my iPad out of my hands and forced me to mingle with others at his family reunion. As someone who needs my dear friend Tracy Astle's help whenever I write a kissing scene, I can really appreciate it when someone writes it well. Elise's not-entirely-innocent-yet-still-sweet kisses with Jared really got my heart rate up. To me the mark of a good book is one that can get me so emotionally involved in the characters that I tear up. Yup, it happened. And you're going to love this part: it has pirates and lots of adventure! Jared Amesbury is one of those really great heroes that will keep you fantasizing...er, thinking about him after you've put the book down. And a tip; if you picture Gerard Butler playing Jared, you might actually swoon a couple times. (Which, thank heavens, Elise only does once in the book, and at a totally appropriate moment. I would've too.)
You can check out more by Donna (I sure will!) at http://donnahatch.blogspot.com/ or buy "The Guise of a Gentleman" at Amazon.
And if you want to actually read another free book online, head over to my other blog with my brother http://childoftherebellion.blogspot.com/ and read "Garbage."


  1. I so agree with your review, Ranee. I've read Guise at least 3 times, and yeah, Gerard Butler is perfect for the job as Jared. Donna can't write fast enough to keep my in Amesbury romances,

    I loooove "Garbage"!! You and DJ rock!

  2. Oooweee! I'm loving the new template. You've done a fantastic job with it :)


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