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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Timeless Romance Anthology: Blind Date Collection

Authors: Annette Lyon, Sarah M. Eden, Heather B. Moore, Victorian Lieske, Rachel Branton and Sariah Wilson

Genre: Historical & Contemporary Romance; Clean

I really enjoyed this collection. I has 3 contemporary romance and 3 Regency/historical novellas. All of them were super fun. I enjoyed reading from my tried and true favorites and the ones from new authors that I hadn’t read yet. Blind dates are a fun way to introduce the characters to each other.

“The Promise that Katy Did” by Annette Lyon, is a super fun and sweet. Katy is a sweet young woman who is an orphan, but takes care a sweet lady who has her best interests at heart. When she dies, Katy is on her own and must move and take a new job to take care of herself. In the mean time, she meets Mr. Balmer and then she has some choices to make and she only has 2 days to decide! Fun and sweet!

Sarah M. Eden, in “A Lady of Sense” never disappoints, and this one is no exception. This is a classic regency romance and is a great read. Eleanor is a sweet heroine and Peter is the best hero. Eleanor is misused by her parents and she must marry the man her father has chosen, except he is an old and lecherous man. She manages to persuade her father to let her have one more chance to find someone suitable and she does, but her fathers deeds make it impossible. Eleanor has to give up Peter, but he isn’t that easy to give up! This is classic regency and so fun!

In “A Second Chance” by Heather B. Moore, Viginia desperately needs a second chance because her first choice proved to be very bad. In an age where divorce is a scandle, Virginia must pick herself up and begin again. This is a fun and sweet romance set in turn of the century Chicago. Max is a very good hero and sets out to win Virginia and her son. Of course, misunderstandings ensue and the ride is fun and enjoyable. Sweet romance at its best

“Braelynn’s Blind Date” by Victorine E. Lieske is a sweet and enjoyable contemporary romance. The mixup for the blind date is super fun. And then when Braelynn ends up working for her botched blind date the fun and misunderstanding begin in earnest. This was my first book by Victorine and I loved it. She is a fun and interesting author. Things move along quickly and the romance is the best.

Rachel Branton’s “Bianca’s Hope” is a great read and fun romance. Bianca is on rough times and needs to figure out things. Her blind date turns out to be someone her heart won’t forget and she has to learn to see him with different eyes. Her pre-concieved ideas about him are certainly all wrong. I enjoyed this sweet romantic read and will read some more by Ms. Branton.

“Blind Spot” by Sariah Wilson is so fun. This is a novella set in the Monterra world invented by Sariah. It is great because Ria is so set on find a prince and ends up falling for her roommate’s brother, who is the bartender where she works. Ria goes on so many blind dates that go so wrong, it is kind of funny that she can’t see what is right in front of her! I love how the story turns out and how Ria figures out that she doesn’t need ot marry a ‘real’ prince in order to find ‘her’ prince.

Loved these stories! Such a fun way to spend the afternoon with a short novella. Sweet, clean and romantic. You will love them all!

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