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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Review: Classic Tee

So, while the Cassie skirt was my first foray into the world of LuLaRoe and there have been many dalliances there since (leggings OF COURSE, Irma tunics, the Julia dress...) my favorite, my true love, is the Classic Tee.

Let me just overload you with some pictures of me and my sweetie:

I wear a size small in a Classic Tee, but I have been known to buy a size XS - it's just a slimmer, closer fit. Still lovely, still flattering. I'm enamored of stripes. Not obvious by this picture and the next...right?

Confession: When fashion blogger people cut their heads off in pictures, I think it's really creepy. I apologize here. It's my mirror's doing. And my small bedroom. The second my SIL pulled this pattern from her box and I saw it on her live sneak peak, I texted and said, "That shirt is MINE." (Yep, I probably went all "The Ring" and "My Precious" on her...) 

The Pros: The Classic, like pretty much EVERYTHING LuLaRoe makes, is way comfy, yet look at the way it appears that I actually carefully put together my summer outfit here! ;) (Confession: I really did, but it was darn easy.) They are flowy, just the right amount so, IMHO. Too much makes you look bulky, amiright?  This one hides bumps and ice-cream bellies and still flatters.

Conversation I had with my husband the other night:
Him: Why do you keep tying up your shirts?
Me: I like it. It's very fashionable.
Him: Yeah, when we were in 8th grade.
Me: It's coming back. And I love it.

I do, I really do. I'm somewhat obsessed with it, and the classic tees are really perfect for doing that. (As are the Irmas.)

I love to layer with them, but their definitely long enough to not need another layer at all, and a high enough neckline as well. Like with the Cassies, I have no cons to report for this shirt. I would fill my closet with it, if I could!

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