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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Robyn Reviews: DEFIANCE by G.G. Vandergriff

From Amazon: Hitler’s armies overrun France, Rudolf von Schoenenburg, a young Austrian baron, is living in exile in England. Though his true love, Hannah, is engaged to another man, Rudi and Hannah risk their lives together to help rescue thousands of British Troops from Dunkirk. Their powerful love story develops against the backdrop of the Battle of Britain and an old world being blown to pieces.

Rudi’s family and friends suffer under the nightly barrage of bombs and rockets of the London Blitz while he pilots a British fighter plane in what looks like an impossible defense of the small island. Each night is a desperate fight for survival, each dawn a miracle.

While Hannah spends her days and nights helping to provide early warning of German air attacks, she realizes that every hour of every day is precious. Each moment carries the threat of sudden death. As the world around her changes, should Hannah allow her passion for Rudi to overcome promises she made to her dying father in what seems like another lifetime?

Audience: Adult (Clean)
Genre: Historical Romance
Length: 272 pages

Rating: 4


This is a great story about Rudi, an Austrian baron, and Hannah, a Jewish girl. They love each other, but Hannah has promised her father that she will marry a Jewish man, Samuel. She convinces herself that she loves Samuel and will marry him to please her father. I like the growth Hannah experiences as she lives through war torn England and starts to make her own decisions regarding what she believes and what she thinks about the war. Hannah is very brave and sets out to prove herself a loyal Briton and helps defend her country and also helps save many others through her efforts. I felt the turmoil that was surrounding Rudi’s family and Hannah. It’s kind of hard remembering that these were very real events that were described. I had a little bit of a hard time believing some of the things that Hannah participated in, but since I’m not an expert on history at that time, I’ll give the author the benefit of the doubt. Hannah turns out to be a very brave girl and make some hard decisions. Rudi is a very likable hero. He is brave and patient. I liked him because he had what I would call true love for Hannah and wanted what was best for her, but still held out hope for a happy ending. I liked Rudi’s family, too. They were brave and fun people. The historical events described in this book had great detail and I felt like I was part of the war. Sometimes, I was on the edge of my seat and couldn’t wait to turn the page. I thought the actions of those involved in the war and the British people were very realistic and true to life. You should read this book, it is a  fun, educational, enjoyable and clean romance full of true love.


Sex - 0
Violence - 1 (war violence)
Language - 0
Overall Content Rating - PG

Source: Review Copy

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