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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Whitney Finalist Review: HOPE SPRINGS by Sarah M. Eden (Romance)

Am I surprised that Hope Springs got a Whitney Finalist nod? Nope. Not at all. This book had ALL THE FEELS. Good luck, Sarah!

From Amazon: Katie Macauley gave up her lifelong dream of returning to Ireland in order to make a home for herself in Hope Springs, Wyoming, but her future has never been so uncertain. Katies heart still remains sharply divided between playful Tavish and steady Joseph, though she feels ill-prepared to make a decision. Furthermore, the town is more divided than ever with both the Irish and the Reds stealing property, burning buildings, and endangering lives. In the midst of the growing unrest, temperatures drop quickly, too quickly, and Irish nightmares of famine and cold resurface as the little Wyoming town struggles to beat the harsh winter. Katie makes one sacrifice after another to keep the peace and help see her loved ones through the difficult days ahead, but will her efforts be enough? Can the town make amends before their hatred consumes them all? And will Katie find the love she has been searching for as well as a home to call her own?

Audience: Adult (Clean)
Genre: Romance, Historical, Western
Length: 400 pgs

Rating: A million

Review: I read this book so, so long ago, and I didn't review it then because of ... reasons. Reasons that still exist--but now I want to highlight it because it is a 2014 Whitney Finalist! What is there to say about this book that I didn't already spill about when I reviewed it's predecessor, Longing For Home? It's just a beautiful, just as wonderful, just as heartbreaking in the best ways possible. I love how Sarah weaves in history and romance and the hopes and dreams of a whole town. I loved and hated how it ended, again, for reasons. But oh, this book. And oh, how I want to know all the stories about all the other people in this book!

Content: (Disclaimer: It's been quite a while since I read the book, so my memory is not at its best for the content ratings.)
Language - 0
Sex - 0
Violence - 1 (There is fighting in town, a huge fire.)
Overall Rating - PG

Find all the 2014 Whitney Finalists here.

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