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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Blog Tour Review: ESCAPING SAFETY by Bonnie Gwyn (Great Family Books, 2014)

Synopsis: Christina has grown up literally ‘sheltered’ in a sanctuary run by mysterious Officials who offer safety in exchange for captivity. She’s already suspicious of the Officials when she meets Tyler Andrus, commander of the T-Squad: a group of rebels on a quest to destroy the sanctuaries and bring light back into the world. Having yearned for freedom all her life, she joins them in a journey of hope, terror, and self-discovery.

Audience: Adult
Genre: Dystopian Sci-Fi
Length: 168 pgs

Rating: *** (Liked it)

Review: Lots of fun things about this book. I loved the idea of being a "safe" captive. The camaraderie of the squads is cool and I like the way women are (mostly) just as equal to men in their opportunities to be part of them. There was lots of action and an intriguing world. One of the things that tripped me up was the lack of description of the Sanctuaries. I had too many questions and felt a bit lost. I didn't understand the motivations and actions of some of the characters and was thrown many times by their actions. The love story was also a bit of a tangle for me.

Content: Rated 1-5; 1 being minor instances, 5 being saturated
Sex - 0
Violence - 2 (Lots of fighting and gore, but nothing graphic)
Language - 0 (I don't remember any...)
Overall rating - PG

Source: I was provided a review copy of this for the blog tour in exchange for my honest opinion.

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More about the author. Bonnie Gwyn wrote her first book, about a talking grandfather clock, when she was six – and hasn’t stopped writing since. In fact, she can’t “not write,” and she wouldn’t have it any other way. She hasn’t missed a day of writing in her journal for the past four years!
As a winner in this year’s National Novel Writing Month challenge, Bonnie produced her latest dystopian novel, Escaping Safety, and is now working on its sequel. She is also close to completing a fantasy romance series, The Legends of Elldamorae, whose characters have captured her heart and can’t wait to have their stories revealed.    
Bonnie’s mantra is, “I write because I believe every story deserves to be told.”
You can learn more about Bonnie, and read her inspirational blog posts, by clicking on the links below:

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