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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Review: THE ORCHARD by Krista Lynne Jensen

I was having a really bad day a few weeks back because something that I wanted really bad didn't pan out. Just when I was at my lowest (and, okay, yes, I'm being really dramatic right now. It was clearly not the end of the world), I got an email saying I'd won THE ORCHARD. Which, let's be honest, I feel kind of bad about, because I totally would have bought it--but it made my day fabulous. AND because I have the hook-ups, I got Krista to sign it for me. Though she may be deserting our beloved (*snort*) state of Wyoming, Here's lookin' at you kid. 

From DeseretBook.comOn the idyllic shores of Flathead Lake, Montana, Alisen Embry finds purpose and comfort tending her late mother’s cherry orchard adjacent to the family’s beloved lake house. Though pained by the loss of her mother and her father’s estrangement, it is Derick Whitney—the man she fell in love with four years earlier—who truly influences Alisen’s view of her future . . .
Derick and Alisen wanted nothing more than to spend eternity together; however, intolerance and secrets forced Alisen to make a shattering choice between her family and the man she loved.
But destiny always has a way of setting things right . . .
Now the Embry family has found themselves hopelessly in debt, and they realize renting the lake house is the only hope of saving the cherished or- chard and family home. When Alisen discovers the new tenants have a connection to her past, her life takes an unexpected turn. Will fate find a way to reconnect what was broken so many years before?
Audience: Adult (Clean)
Genre: LDS Romance
Length: 245 pgs
Rating: *****
Review: All. The. Feels. This book was inspired by the Jane Austen book Persuasion, which, along with Northanger Abbey, is my favorite of Austen's. So I pretty much knew I'd love it. But it also made Alisen's so-so-sweet romance with Derick so difficult because I knew what would happen. I despised her dad and aunt for a while there--all-out hated them. Krista just did a fantastic job of involving me with the characters so much that I was absolutely invested in what was happening to them.
Disclaimer: None.
Check it out on Goodreads.
Buy it at Deseret Book.

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