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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Review: LUCK OF THE DRAW by Rachel Renee Anderson

So, if you think I'm on a Romantic Comedy kick, you'd be right. And I swear to you I have a good reason. I'm researching. You're supposed to be well-read in your genre (um, have I mentioned this before or something?), so as I prepare to pitch my very own LDS romantic comedy, I'm reading everything I can to appear knowledgeable.

Guys. I'm serious. That's why.

Anyway. I'm going to ignore your snickering and continue with the review...

From Amazon: When Brighton's roommates bet him that he can't get three girls to go out with him at the same time, he has no doubt that he's up to the challenge. Besides, the prospect of an entire month of free laundry is just too enticing to resist. Of course, that's before he meets Dani--a girl who's never had a problem turning down a not-so-perfect guy. Soon Brighton realizes that winning the bet might mean losing what really matters most. This fast-paced modern romance is told with wit, sweetness, and a healthy dose of fun. It's a sure bet that Luck of the Draw will keep you laughing to the very last page.

Audience: Adult (Clean)
Genre: Romantic Comedy, LDS
Length: 214 pages

Rating: ***+

Review: I've been trying to pin down why I'm only rating this three-plus stars. I feel like maybe I should rate it four . . . mostly I'm not because it has to do with expectations. I expected something different from this novel. For me it felt . . . heavy? In the RomCom category anyway. And all the RomComs I've read so far deal with issues, but this one didn't quite keep the lightness in the mid-section as it dealt with those issues. It just sort of felt like it swung from RomCom to Romance (Drama) then back to RomCom. I still loved Brighton and Dani's relationship. Brighton is a fun hero that I enjoyed. I don't always have the best feelings for heroines who refuse to see the utter worthiness of the cool males we drop into these stories for them, so Dani and I didn't click so much, but she's still a fun character with gumption and get-it-done togetherness.

Disclaimer:  None.

Buy LUCK OF THE DRAW on Amazon.

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  1. I actually have this one and it was a fun read! It does have some drama in there. It must be tough doing your research. ;) Sounds like the kind I'd like to do.

    Tressa @ Tressa's Wishful Endings

    1. It's very hard, but I keep trucking. :D Any suggestions for more?


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