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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Review: "The Kiss of a Stranger" by Sarah M. Eden

As many of you may have noticed, I'm a total sucker for a regency romance. And I basically swoon over well-written ones. I knew before I ever picked up a book by Sarah that I'd probably adore it because of this post on her blog. Ever since I've been convinced we're meant to be best friends (more on that later ...). What better recommendation can I give "The Kiss of a Stranger" than that I read it in two days?
The Point of the Plot
Crispin, Lord Cavratt desperately needs to be rid of Miss Bower, so he latches onto the first woman in sight, literally. He kisses what he thinks is a servant girl, Catherine Thorndale, who actually turns out to be the niece of a dangerous man--a man who forces Crispin to marry Catherine to "save her reputation." But as it turns out, Crispin may have just found the girl to save him.

Basically Believable: *****
To be quite honest, I was so involved by the story, a 42 inch flat screen could've been in Crispin's sitting room and I would've have noticed. I always read the back matter of books before I start to give me an idea of where the book might go--it might also be a game for me to try and predict the ending, and of course I'm delighted when I can't. :) After reading that Crispin was going to be forced into marriage with Catherine, I wondered how Catherine's demanding uncle would pull that off, but Sarah executed it brilliantly! To me the best part of a regency romance is lightheartedness and witty banter, which Sarah totally nailed.

Charismatic Characters: ****
Romances, as I have so often lamented, have their cliche characters (again, check out this post). Catherine Thorndale may be a little bit the pure-hearted damsel without a clue about her real beauty, but Sarah gives her a reason via an abusive uncle. Crispin, however, doesn't fall into the cliche category at all. He's a lovely mix of a moody cynic and a witty flirt: the perfect Prince Charming with flaws. I am completely enthralled with Crispin's best friend Phillip Jonquil, and if I didn't know he had his own story coming out in January (Friends and Foes), I'd certainly be badgering Sarah to know more.

Yay or Yuck, the Final Word: ****
A resounding YAY! On the back the synopsis asks, "will it be possible for Crispin and Catherine to live happily ever after?" And we all know the answer is yes. Yet I raced through the book, eager to know the end and how it will work out for the two characters. Read it; you'll love it. I'm off to buy some more of Sarah's books.
Favorite quote: Two, curtesy of Phillip Jonquil, Lord Lampton.
"Thank you," Catherine whispered the moment they'd stepped away from Uncle.
"Ladies do tend to be overcome with gratitude when asked to dance with me.
AND (I couldn't choose between them!)
Lord Lampton: "You've earned a few tears I suppose. Though my skills at the quadrille have been known to leave sensible women weeping."

Buy "The Kiss of a Stranger" here.
And (drum roll please ....) It's my early Christmas present, an interview with the awesome Sarah Eden on Friday!!

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  1. Read and loved this book too. Then went out and bought another by Sarah Eden... Loved it too. :)


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