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Friday, February 11, 2011

First Round Q&A

Courtesy of Kristin P.! (Thank you!)
I haven't thought about what she's said, so this is by the seat of my pants. (Which is how it will be at conference. Eeek!)

Agent: "Nice to meet you, Ranee'! I love your book's title. Which world does your book take place in? 

Ranee`: "Bloom" takes place on a secret continent in the pacific. Enchanters settled there in the 9th century and placed magical protections around it in the 1500s when humans began to explore the globe. Enchanters often travel back and forth between the Enchanter realm and the 'outside world,' as they call it, but it is invisible if you don't know about it. The Enchanter realm can be accessed by boat or plane--since there are Men who have settled there in addition to Enchanters, but most Enchanters transport using their powers.
(Is that too much?)

Agent: Is it Young Adult? 

Ranee`: Yes. My target audience is girls between 14-18, but girls and women of all ages will enjoy it. The voice is fun and unique and pulls a reader of any age into it. I've had reviewers--mature women!--arguing about Finna's relationships because they care about her. That's the kind of response Finna and the other characters evoke.

Agent: Is this worst enemy going to end up as a love interest? 

Ranee`: Of course! What's a young adult novel with some romance! Another problem of Finna's is that her long-lost fairy grandmother foretells that she will have to face Death--the person--and that Liam Monroe, her worst enemy, will bargain for her life. She realizes that unless he cared for her, he wouldn't do that. She begins to see him in a new light; looking past the fact that their families have hated each other for over a hundred years, and sees the guy that he really is. A bit arrogant, but a good friend with a good heart, charming and handsome, obviously.

Agent: How will he save your way of life? 

Ranee`: For years Men and Enchanters have resented each other because of mistreatment in their pasts--Enchanters first introduced Men into the Enchanter realm as slaves. As the story begins, the tension has reached a boiling point. A powerful, but evil, politician, Sileas Parlan begins to take control little by little, stripping Enchanters of their pwers, until he rules the once democratic Enchanter realm. Finna and Liam have to team up to defeat Parlan or they will lose the right to use their Enchanter powers.

Agent: One last question, may I check and see if you're wearing crazy tights?"

Ranee`: Lol! Please, go right ahead, but you'll probably be disappointed. Can I introduce you to my friend, Kris?

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  1. Well done, Ranee'! If you haven't thought about the questions before you answered them, it sounds like you're well prepared. I'm sure going to miss seeing you next week! Keep your fingers crossed that we can both attend the conference next year.

    Last night I came across this helpful blog post about conference pitches, when I was researching an agent I submitted to. http://bigglasscases.blogspot.com/2011/01/pitches-and-strikes.html


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