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Monday, November 29, 2010

Monster Hunter

Hello, my name is Mae Nickson, Monster Hunter. I'm blogging for Ranee` today because she realized last Saturday that taking four days off in the middle of NanoWrimo and leaving herself only 3 days to write about 12,000 words was a bad idea. So she has no time for blogging right now as she is feverishly typing in an effort to finish a challenge she insisted earlier this month wasn't that hard. She assures me that she definitely intends to succeed and get 50,000 words before Tuesday night and that thanks to a colorful email conversation--and she means colorful quite literally, not that it contained cussing or inappropriate content--with Kristin P. she knows exactly where she's taking me to happily every after, at least I hope she does. I'd hate for her to kill me off right around 47k because she gave up hope! So rest assured that Ranee` will be back on December 1st and blogging as infrequently as usual. She just didn't want you to worry!
Love, Mae

1 comment:

  1. Mae, get off the computer so Ranee can make her goal!!


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